i was awake every time you kissed my forehead and ears, even though i’m pretty sure you thought i was asleep. you’re cute.

i have no intention of giving your calhoun elementary school tee shirt back. we agreed it fit me better anyway.

i really did laugh quite hard at the voicemail you left me tonight. i’ll never forget the mental image of you trying to fix my sink with scotch tape. you’re adorable beyond measure.

i can’t think of anything i’d rather do than take turns singing/humming/whistling that one britney spears song, and we are young with you.

i totally creeped in your phone while you were in the shower, sorry. you were right, you don’t call jordan; she calls you. well, she used to. just like you said. i’ll get out of jealouspsychobitch mode now.

i kinda sorta really wanna be facebook official.

i think i’m gonna have trouble sleeping tonight without you.

i think tiffany and i will be friends again. i am actually quite confident that we will. i’m about to go with her to get a tattoo, and then go to plato’s closet on a sunny tuesday afternoon. i’ve got a good feeling about this.

every day our conversations get more real, less filtered.

i honestly believe that we can last.

we’re not afraid to embrace the bad and the ugly. and when we’re done arguing/debating/discussing unpleasant things and we say we’re over it and we’re dropping it, we literally do. within seconds we’re discussing what kind of kitchen items we still need to buy. because at the end of the day, we know it’s all about the simple things.

the more i think about it, the more i realize how little i am leaving behind. when i found out i was officially moving in a month, i texted everyone. very few even responded, and those who did seemed indifferent. i guess there’s a reason your significant other is supposed to be your best friend. they’re probably your only friend.

now i want to be together tonight

i think we could [go see the grand canyon this summer if you want], but i’d be just as happy going anywhere with you

but all i know is i wanna grow old and cranky with you, so i hope that’s a start

i have no intention of losing you, obviously it’s not completely my choice but i can try to prevent it

& yes love is a big scary thing to me, something i hoped i’d never fall into again, so we’re gonna have to work together on this

thank you for not calling me a psychobitch when i asked you all those questions and for telling me the truth even when it was somewhat upsetting and for using the word love in a sentence and for wishing we could be together right this minute and for insisting that you’d be happy anywhere with me and for saying you wanted to grow old and cranky together.

i need you so much closer.

black days

just say marissa, i love you, i need you, and no one will do but you.

that would literally make everything okay.